"I have no illusions I lost them on my travels," so says Vicomte de Valmont in the dastardly French film Dangerous Liaisons.  Our own summer travels in the land of chateaux and bistros have dispelled a few illusions as well.  For example, why are French children generally so well behaved at the table? 

 I never put my elbows on the table

I never leave the table until the meal is finished

 I lift my food to my mouth

I never talk when my mouth is full

I cut my meat without disturbing my neighbors

I put my napkin on my lap

En viola!  Now we know.  If you don't mind a little shipping fee you can find these cute plates here

Hope your summer was wonderful.  Welcome back. 


Alex Dumortier said...

As a Frenchman, I can attest that the family meal became a bit of a ritual from a certain age onward. One major difference between France and Anglo-Saxon cultures: When they are not holding utensils, the French always place their hands on the table (at the edge -- not in the middle.)

Amy said...

One of my all-time favorite movies!

Good table manners, and the ability to get through entire afternoons without interim food... those Frenchkids are amazing indeed.

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