Friday Frivolity - Reading is Fun Again

The modern mother found herself reading this summer.  Reading like she used to.  One book after another.  She read books and authors she had been meaning to read for years.  She read books that caught her fancy in the library and new books that friends and reviewers recommended.  If she started something and it was rubbish, she put it down and picked up another.  If it was good, she read it and found another.  Maybe it was all the travel, the lazy summer days, or the freedom from book club that made this possible.   Below are two favorites.  Happy Friday & happy reading.

Rules of Civility by Amor Towles

The Paris Wife by Paula McLain

Photos from Penguin and  Random House


teresa said...

judging a book by its cover I want to read both of these? I have wanted to read The Paris Wife since it came out. I read Weird Sisters at the beginning of summer and it was horrible. I am currently reading Great Expectations. I put off reading Dickens all these years and I finally picked up Bleak House and I loved it. So far I am loving Great Expectations!

well read hostess said...

Me, too! With the reading! Heavenly, heavenly reading! And these are both on my list but I haven't gotten to them yet. I'm going to move them up a few notches.

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