Behind the Blog

The authors met years ago on the school hockey field and one said "Excuse me" and the other said "I'm so sorry." It was the beginning of a beautiful and well mannered friendship.

Now, years later, after careers in finance and academia, they find themselves living just a few miles apart outside Boston bringing up energetic, potentially well mannered children. As it turns out, teaching children to be polite is a lot harder than it looks. This blog is their attempt to help mothers maintain their manners, perspective and sense of humor in these hectic modern times.

Elizabeth Baxter Butcher (EBB) is a well-traveled, well-meaning and usually well mannered mother of two.  She is an observer of social mores and customs.  She has successfully and unsuccessfully advised friends and others through any number of harrowing social situations.

The mother of four children, Elizabeth Hammond Pyle (EHP) has maintained both her manners and her sanity through countless afternoons at the playground, parent potlucks, toddler music classes, school plays, conference calls taken from home, nanny interviews, and the occasional trip to the Emergency Room. Though she may sometimes suffer a lapse in etiquette, she believes one can always aspire to be a paragon of mannerly virtue.

We are extremely fortunate to have Amy Fuller Boyd of AFB Creative Consulting, helping us with our brand identity and the nuts and bolts of blogging. Amy claims that working on Manners for Modern Mothers has been eye opening and an opportunity to improve her standing with her very well mannered, southern mother-in-law. We find her very well mannered and a delight to work with.
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