Friday Frivolity - Books for Kids

Last Friday we recommended two books for the modern mother.  A friend wrote in to ask if we had any children's book recommendations.  Two series that we (parents and children) enjoyed this summer are The Penderwicks which we listened to on audio

and The Mysterious Benedict Society, hugely popular and exciting read-aloud bedtime reading.  

Like all good children's literature both series involve absent or deceased parents, adventures and mishaps which can only be solved by the child heros of the books.  Happy Weekend!

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Kate said...

We loved both series. My mother, sister, daughter and I all read The Penderwicks and loved it entirely different reasons. I loved the strong girl role models in the stories. My mother loved that it was an updated Little Women. Can't say enough good things about The Penderwicks!!!!

EBB said...

Dear Kate, Would love to know which Penderwick you like best or identify with most. Thanks for reading!

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