Friday Frivolity - Let Us Now Praise Angry Birds

'What on earth,' the well mannered mother might have thought to herself, 'is going on with this Angry Bird nonsense?'  Ignorantly envisioning some sort of cross between Alfred Hitchcock's 1963 thriller The Birds and Space Invaders she mistakenly assumes this idiocy had nothing to do with her.  Yet, like most mass  phenomena (think Glee) these birds will seep into her subconscious until one day the game will simply appear on her iphone.

At that point her life will become both easier and harder.  Her life is easier in that her family has all agreed on a reward that is 100% parentally approved (no sugar or bad influences involved)  "Of course you can play angry birds on my phone, darling, as soon as you do your homework/empty the dishwasher/cut the lawn." One sibling's tennis practice in no longer  the torture it once was for the other, car trips, doctors' waiting rooms and security lines at the airport have become painless thanks to this absurd game where "players control a flock of multi-colored birds that are attempting to retrieve eggs that have been stolen by a group of evil green pigs." Her life is harder in terms of finding and retrieving her phone from family members, not to mention the lost hours she herself finds she is devoting to the pursuit.  Luckily, there is safety in numbers and she is not alone.  This fabulous fat and violence-free pass time is according to Wikipedia "the largest mobil app success the world has seen so far."  Have a happy weekend and if you spend it playing Angry Birds, just remember there are worse things you could be doing.

Picture from Rovio Website and Costume Express

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Amen, sista!

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