A Wake up to Make up

To the modern mother accustomed to greeting the world bare-faced, the following tidbit of information could be life altering: women who wear make up are considered more competent by others. Yep, you heard that right: more make up, more competent. Not prettier, sexier, or more alluring, but competent. You can read the whole story here, or here, or watch it here. And we can move on to consider what this means for the modern mother.

Suddenly, the modern mother’s world is upended. Parent teacher conference? Better brush on a little mascara. Private school interview? Break out the blush. Stopping by your husband’s office? Does that call for lipstick or not? Pulling herself together suddenly means more than taking a shower and brushing the lint off her clothes. Make up might not be something only applied hastliy and clumsily before weddings and parties, anymore. 

The problem for this modern mother is that she spent so much of her adolescence wearing tie-dyes and Birkenstocks that she missed much of the experimenting-with-make-up stage, and ended up as an unknowing participant in "make up free Mondays"not to mention Tuesdays, Wednesdays, etc.

It’s probably safe to say that clownish, inexpertly applied make up will not increase the appearance of competence. Thankfully, there are experts out there, like our fellow blogger Larissa at Sparkle, Inc. or Emily McHugh at Daily Outfit. Doubtless there are many others too, but no time to seek them out, time to go hit Sephora! 

*image from vancitybride.com


Alex Dumortier said...

32 million views for the Lady Gaga Poker Face makeup tutorial alone! Not sure I would recommend this for the private school interview.


Anonymous said...

I think the same is true of heels.

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