The Whac-A-Mole School of Parenting - Or Oh No! We have been worrying about the wrong child.

As the well mannered mother knows parenting is not a science.  In fact it is a most imprecise art form; an art form very much like the carnival and boardwalk game call Whac-a-Mole.  If you have not played this game - you should.  Indeed we wonder why more parenting books do not contain the Allegory of the Whac-A-Mole. 

Once the game starts furry mole-like objects begin popping randomly out of the holes.  The players job is to whack them back into said holes with a large mallet.  As the clock ticks down the moles get more frequent and frenzied.  Naturally the player who whacks the most moles wins a junky stuffed prize.

While we certainly do not espouse whacking actual children with mallet on this blog, doesn't it always seem that just when the modern mother has one aspect of her life or family under control something else pops up?  For instance, the child you thought wasn't 'coming down with something' is the one who throws up at dinner.   The child you had been getting extra math help isn't actually the one who needs it.  You thought the plumber was only stopping in to fix the drippy shower not remove half a wall and come back for the next two weeks.  The volunteer event you thought was completely under control goes sideways at the last minute and you are left with nothing but tonic and lemons.

However, the modern mother may discover that Whac-A-Mole is one of her favorite boardwalk games for just this reason.  It is a test of her endurance, reflexes and sense of humor; much like the day to day requirements of actual parenting.

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Kate said...

I like that image better than the one my brain usually conjures up, that of the hamster wheel. I often look in the closets at the overflowing laundry and face dinner preparation and dishes and think I am just running on an eternal spinning wheel.

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