Friday Frivolity - What to do until the next season of Downton

While the modern mother will always have Seasons 1 & 2 to re-watch and re-re-re-watch, she and her delightful offspring can find hours of fun playing with Vulture's Downton Abby Paper Dolls.  Poor Mr. Pamuk. 

picture from

The paper dolls come from Vulture and their episode recaps are also most informative.  The modern mother may enjoy seeing who's who in real life.    For a Season 3 preview here are some gratuitous shots of Downton in the  Roaring Twenties.  Don't miss the video at the end of the article.

oh happy days!

If that isn't enough and the mannerly mother finds herself craving Masterpiece drama of a similar ilk, no BBC video library should be without the following:

Brideshead Revisited 30th Anniversary Edition (my that does date one, now doesn't it) and do read the book and everything else by Evelyn Waugh

picture from mail online

The House of Eliott - the story of two English sisters who set up a couture house in London following WW1 to rival Chanel across the channel.  A personal favorite.

 picture google images

Pride & Prejudice - Colin Firth version, of course.  You might try that book as well.  The author, Miss Austin, is well thought of by many readers.

 picture from E!

 If you need a little suspense and murder to go with your English drama, you can't do better than Sherlock.  The second season begins May 6 on Masterpiece.  We adore this modern adaptation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's classics.  Could it be because of one Benedict Cumberbatch?

 picture from BBCTV

 Lest we forget the modern mother may be able to fill her Downtonless time with Mad Men Season 5  starting (at last!) this Sunday.

Happy Weekend.



Kate said...

Don Draper can fill my free time any night!

Julia said...

I love Mad Men, but I have never watched Downton Abby. Is it really interesting?

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