Friday Frivolity

From the ridiculous to the sublime it was quite a week for the modern mannerly mothers. 

While we can't all be in London riding double-decker buses and trying to catch a glimpse of Prince Harry, those of us back at home managed to muddle along.

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Speaking of muddling, your humble blogger received some much needed spring closet therapy from the lovely ladies at W2WW that you will hear about next week.  The peace is wonderful! 

Sadly it looks nothing like this divine closet from our beloved Lonny Blog.

We and our 9 year-old loved this piece we heard on Radio Boston about the benefits of taking a Gap Year.  She hopes to take hers between third and fourth and all subsequent grades. 

We had a bit of a chuckle as gp got a bit soppy on goop this week.   All perfectly true, we're sure.  Some modern mothers just aren't that introspective, we suppose, and the fault is ours.  However, we have already shared this blog's views on taking parenting advice from celebrities.  If you try this celebrity relationship advice, please let us know how it goes. 

Finally, before spring takes hold for good, might we recommend this glorious looking fried egg sandwich with bacon and blue cheese from smitten kitchen for your lazy Sunday morning breakfast.

This tantalizing picture is from Smitten Kitchen.

Happy weekend. 

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