Birthday Parties for Children

These seminal milestones to be cherished by parents and endured by all others should be kept as short and sweet as possible. A well mannered mother should know that the number of adults who want to spend time celebrating birthdays 1-4 with anyone who is not related by blood is statistically zero. That is, unless, it involves an open bar. However these things happen. The well mannered mother does try to keep the attendees to a minimum and if for some reason she feels the undeniable need to invite the whole nursery school she does it off-site (i.e. not in her home). This will save her domicile and sanity. Once the participants reach five and children may be dropped off at a party, adults applaud long drawn out parties. These too should be held off site if one can possibly manage it. Once children become socially conscious a child should invite her whole class or a very small set of close friends. Invitations should arrive through the mail and not be handed out at school. If an RSVP is required the guests should do so as soon as possible. Upon arriving at the party the guest should go up to the birthday child, thank her for inviting him and give her a gift. He should also be sure to thank the birthday girl and her parents when leaving a party. With regard to gifts, the well-mannered mother knows that it is the quality of the gift not the price that matters. Something thoughtful and relevant to the birthday childs’ interests will always be welcome no matter the price. When in doubt give a good book.

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