Foundation Wear

The well-mannered modern mother knows it is very hard to be well mannered when one does not feel she is at her best. Or as that classic adage says “nothing goes right when your underwear’s tight” or bunching, or showing. Or when you jeans are too low and you have a “muffin top” and can’t bend down at the playground. Or there is fat sticking out between your bra straps. These and many other uncomfortable and embarrassing foibles can be prevented by good foundation wear. We are not talking about the sexy skimpy stuff found at La Perla or Victoria’s Secret (although there is certainly a place for this in every modern mother’s wardrobe). We are talking about Spanx ™and under wire bras and having an Old Russian lady in the lingerie section of Bloomingdales measure your breasts and hips. She will them find you some very useful if not particularly decorative items – including slips, YES slips. So the well-mannered modern mother leaves her home, her young brood in tow, her head held high because she is sure nothing is jiggling, bunching, protruding or spilling out behind her.

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MTO said...

...Yes with the fitting at Bloomies but (mental shout out here...) "Please God NO! please don't let her measure the hips and boobs at the same time/one try....I don't think they make spanx for that yet...."

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