Valentine's Day from Cranes to Oysters

Ah Valentine's Day: flowers, romance, a candlelit dinner for two - wait, rewind, never mind. 

Let's try this again. 

Ah Valentine's Day: or rather, the night before.  Also known as, the mad rush and gentle encouragement to get those valentines made for everyone in the class.  If ever there was a compelling argument for limiting class size it is the production of valentines.  Because no matter how cute the idea of paper origami cranes or construction hearts and doilies sounded the week before, in the 11th hour - oh and by the way, don't forget it's back to school night tonight - even the craftiest of modern mothers would pay big money for a box of self sealing Snoopy valentines from CVS.

Image from Liz Clayton Illustration

Should your Valentine's Day trend towards the epicurean you might enjoy this piece about oysters. 

 Image from ENOFYLZ Wine Blog

Our friend Allison over at Daily Outfit has been very informative recently on being sexy as well as the seriousness of foundation wear.

Image from Daily Outfit

 Since everything holiday is better with a little Downton Abby we wanted to share these  17 Parenting Lessons From Downton Abby found in the Huffington Post.  And last but not least, have you heard about or seen the Sesame Street spoof Upside Downton Abby?  It is a hoot.  So whether you Valentine's Day is filled with paper and paste or more adults pursuits, we hope you have a good one.  xoxo

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Kate said...

Oysters are my absolute favorite, and I was recently treated to fresh oysters from Topsail Island, NC, shucked and roasted by friends. Yummmm. That Downton Abbey video is hysterical. There are a lot of spoofs about the show these days.

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