Friday Frivolity: Junk Food Wars

Here, at Manners for Modern Mothers, we've covered many parenting-related food concerns: healthy eating, unhealthy eating, organic food, and of course table manners. But we have yet to ask one astoundingly obvious question, asked recently in an essay by Yoni Freedhoff in U.S. News and World report. Why is everyone always giving my kids junk food? In his essay, Dr. Freedhoff takes aim at the sugary snacks and treats our young children are so frequently given. In the end, he suggests that, "people other than their parents giving children junk food shouldn't be considered 'normal.'"

As I push aside a batch of left over Christmas candy to make room for the haul of candy my children brought home on Valentine's day, I'm thinking maybe he's got a point. As a child, I took pleasure in the paper valentines given and received, but for my children and many others it seems to have turned into another opportunity to amass candy. Perhaps that's just the new normal, Valentine's day Peeps an all.

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