Friday Frivolity - Quite Funny, Really

I have just lent a friend the Downton Abby Season 2 Video Set which I borrowed from another friend last week and she (the borrower friend) almost cried she was so excited when I dropped it off.  She said that Season 2 and enough wine might just make February break bearable.  I felt the same once about Stieg Larsson's third Millennium novel.

 Image from Bella's Bookshelves

Anyway, if you are a fan of DA you must run, not walk, to check out this parody If Downton Abby took place entirely on Facebook: Seson 3, Episode 6

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A really interesting (non-Downton related) piece friend Karsten shared this week was this one in the WSJ about running your family like a business.  What do you think?  Would your children benefit from agile development?

Happy President's Day Long Weekend.

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Kate said...

Those facebook posts are brilliant. RIP Mathew.

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