Holiday hosting, family style

As a blog focusing on the intersection between parenting, manners, and modern mores, we have posted on many topics related to mealtime manners. We’ve taken on table manners, table talk, and the hazards of restaurant dining. We've also explored the perils and pleasures of dinner parties and being a hostess onself. However, we have not yet considered teaching one’s children to becomes well mannered hosts and hostesses of a family dinner gathering.

K.J. Dell’Antonia does just that in her recent post “The Youngest Thanksgiving Hosts” on the Motherlode blog. She shows how delegating small tasks can lead to a greater sense of ownership for a family social event, helping children evolve into competent hosts and hostesses. Hosts in the truest sense of the word, attuned more to the comfort of their guests, than making sure everyone uses the correct fork for their dessert.

Though Ms.Dell’Antonia's post reflects on the already past Thanksgiving meal, its worth reading and thought, especially for all those modern mothers who will host a holiday meal, dinner with family friends, or any number of December family social events. Whatever’s on your family dance card in the coming month, here's to helping our children learn to be gracious hosts and hostesses.


Kate said...

My daughter and I host an annual mother-daughter tea party at Christmas time. Thank you for reminding me she needs to have more participation in the planning!

Kate said...

My daughter and I are hosting our 3rd annual Mother-Daughter tea party and I plan to give her more responsibilities this year. I agree it's important to teach children how to host, and not just attend, parties. The biggest challenge will be to keep her and her friends mingling with the mothers and younger girls and not retreating to her bedroom for screaming dance contests.

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