Renovation as Right of Passage

There comes a time in many a modern mother’s life, when she decides to renovate her kitchen, or maybe even the whole house.  While this might initially seem like a good idea, there will undoubtedly be times during the process, in which she wonders, ‘why exactly did I sign on for this?’ It could happen when the blaring of power tools at 7:30am makes it impossible for her to hear or speak to her children anywhere in the house.  It could happen when she contemplates the freshly fallen powdery dust covering the dresser tops, the mantels, the entire household, and wonders what toxic and neuron-killing contaminants lurk therein. If these two renovation hazards don’t get to her, then the unstoppable, never-ending teeny tiny questions and decisions most certainly will.  Cabinet knobs or handles? Polished chrome? Satin Nickel? Antiqued brass? What exact shade of white for the trim? What will look dated? What will stay classic? Where to splurge? Where to remain frugal?

Eventually, she may even avoid her email and voicemail, knowing that they contain something along the lines of, “We need to figure out a spot to put that sewage ejector.” Or, “there's a problem with the cabinets you ordered: we can’t fit them in the door.” Or, “the floor tile has been back ordered for 12 weeks.”

Of course, a modern mother is lucky to be able to renovate and the final product will hopefully be thrilling, possibly even life-changing. The wise renovating mother can take heart in knowing that so many others have gone through this exact scenario, and even lived to tell the tale. She might even think of this “renovation phase” as rite of passage, a major life event that can be both exhilarating and lovely but also with some serious unpleasantness. Not unlike giving birth. Giving birth to a new kitchen/house/ bathroom.  


Elizabeth said...

I can relate, although on a much smaller scale. Just remember that, in the end, you'll be so glad you "took the plunge" and did that renovation. I know I was!

Amy said...

Yes. It may not be war -- though at times it may sound like it -- but remodeling too is hell!

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