Friday Frivolity: Pinterest

This week, one of us has been so obsessed with a new website, that she has not managed to write a single blog post.  How could that be? How could I not find the time to laud the emerging revolt against homework, comment on combating recipe clutter, or ponder if obsessing about a child’s happiness dooms him to misery? What could possibly be more interesting than raging about the lot of the suburban mother?  Well, take a look at Pinterest.

On Pinterest, one can collect images from anywhere on the internet by “pinning” them to your "pinboard." Tag it with a comment or two, and thus assemble an online visual catalogue of decorating ideas, crafty things, books to read, beloved shoes, vacation destinations, whatever.  I might even say it's kind of like a mixture between facebook, tumblr, and Twitter, if I knew anything about Twitter. 

The best part, of course, is social: connecting with friends to see what they’re pinning, or scrolling through the boards of people who are more stylish, sophisticated and better connected. Since each pin has a link back to its original source, browsing through pinterest can lead to some of the funkiest corners of the internet.

Just what every modern mother needs: another way to fritter away hours online. Impossible to resist, when images and ideas like these await: 

Hope you enjoy and have a wonderful 4th of July weekend!


Anonymous said...

Should I read something into the fact that the british soldier toy appears above the American flag?

Kate said...

oh my gosh. i can NOT go there. i deactivated facebook just so I could stop feeling so inadequte/annoyed (everyone with their exotic vacations, new toys, gifted children, adorable pets, and so much helpful, unsolicited advice). This would just bring it all back in spades.

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