Friday Frivolity: Manners Checklist

When a friend recently sent us this list of 25 manners every child should know by age 9, we realized that we had been neglecting our blog's original intention, which was to discuss manners and modern motherhood. Since we found the list compassionate and modern but still (thankfully) traditional, we wanted to share it with all of our well mannered readers.

And at least this modern mother was relieved to realize her children might not be that far off the mark. Hope you all feel the same way.

*image from MindWare

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Anonymous said...

Yikes -no comments on the manners list?

I enjoyed looking at this list with my eight year old. Her responses were either "I do that" or "I KNOW that one, but I'm kind of working on it" - LOL. She also mentioned that she didn't HAVE to do all of those things because she's eight, not nine.

The list is a little bit heavy on the distinction between child and adult. The part about interrupting, for example, seems like it should apply to any conversation, not just adult conversations.

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