It's a ... baby! The parents who won't say girl or boy.

The Star recently profiled a couple who have chosen to keep the sex of their third child a secret long after the baby's birth. The parents named the now 4-month-old baby Storm and call the baby, Storm, without resorting to he, she, or it as a pronoun. Storm has two older brothers named Kio and Jazz, who choose when to cut their hair, are "unschooled" at home, sleep in their parents' bed, and must be necessarily complicit in the strategy of not revealing the sex of their their younger sibling. 

When we first learned of this story via Brain, Child Magazine we were puzzled. Is it real? Is it parody? Or is it a bizarre attempt at 15 minutes of fame? (Something along the lines of the boy in the hot air balloon hoax of 2009.) Because, really, it just seems like a lot of work to keep the sex of your child a mystery. As if wiping dirty faces, picking up all those toys and socks everywhere, and changing hundreds of diapers weren't enough to keep a parent busy. We could suggest that it would be kinder to teach the child to live as him or herself in the gendered world, but we're too darn puzzled about the whole story: truth? fiction? reality show audition? 

* Image of a baby (NOT the baby featured in the article) by D Sharon Pruitt of Pink Sherbet Photography

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Mary Unruh said...

Definitely a reality show in the making....(ugh.) Can just see it "what will Storm choose to play with? Cars or dolls?.... Does storm sit to go potty?.... Will storm dress as a princess today?.... (And 12-14yrs later) Who will Storm's first crush be a boy or girl???" So sad.... Seems totally like a gimmick to get on TV.

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