Voting for Adulthood

Every two years, and sometimes in between, the well mannered mother puts forth her best effort to vote. Yes, she may feel over-scheduled and “crazy busy.” Yes, her day may be over-stuffed with unfulfilling errands: dog to the vet, fix the treadmill, auction meeting, fill out forms for gymnastics, and more. Even more daunting: when will she ever find the time to decide how to fill out her ballot?  What exactly will be her position on the Comprehensive Permits and Regional Planning Initiative ballot question? Which candidate for “third district councilor” should she select? 

Regardless of these obstacles, the modern mother persists in her plan to make it to the polls.  She persists because she does not want to re-enforce any emerging stereotypes of “weary women non-voters.” She perseveres because she truly does want to set an example for her children and she may even have opinions about the issues, the candidates. Most of all, she soldiers on because voting is the adult, the responsible, the right thing to do. Stepping into the polling booth, she steps into the world of adult concerns and issues, however tedious and banal the lexicon of the ballot. 

Whatever her party affiliation, whichever candidate the well mannered mother selects, her simple act of voting declares her in favor of adulthood, declares her confidence in her powers of intellect, discernment, and ability to cram one more “errand” into her already jam-packed day.  


Anonymous said...

Here! here! I actually grabbed one of those lovely little red booklets for voters at the polls at drop off - crammed like an exam and voted before pick up.

Elizabeth Hammond Pyle said...

Oh good for you! If only I had known about the little red booklets! Will look for them next time.

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