Friday Frivolity: The British are Coming!

The most adorable new catalogue called Cath Kidston landed in our post box the other day.  It took a few minutes to decide whether it was retro-kitsch-cute or something best left to the well mannered grannies of the world.   Then all was made clear.  You see, it's British.

We shall let the Tea Towels

Tea Cosies

Pin Cushions

and IPhone Cases

tell the story!

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Muffy Aldrich said...

These are lovely. I have long been a fan of Cath Kidston (from my British magazines), but was unaware that she now has a catalog. Thank you for posting this. I am signing up for a catalog right now.

kayce hughes said...

I LOVE Cath Kidston. I got to go to her store in NY before it closed.

Elizabeth Baxter Butcher said...

Ah Kayce, That's like remembering when there was a store in NYC other than Target that sold Liberty of London. Thanks for posting.

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