The Art and Science of Royal Watching

Declare independence.  Check.  Have revolution.  Check.  Become global superpower.  Check.  And yet few things are nearer and dearer to many Americans than the Royal Family.  Not that we would want one here of course, but having them over there in the land of Shakespeare, Paddington Bear and Christopher Robin is somehow very comforting.  Comforting like one's own delightfully loving if exceptionally kooky family once one has moved away from home.

So the well mannered modern mother can be forgiven for feeling a little giddy last week when hip and handsome Prince William at last announced his engagement to the stylish and confident Miss Kate Middleton.  Like all engagements this one offers the embattled Royal Family hope for happier times ahead.  Let's hope this happy news will quiet all that nasty chatter about abolishing the monarchy and take the world's mind off the train wreck that was the previous generations' nuptial disasters.  Plus, and even the New York Times should love this - Prince William is marrying what the British would call a commoner.  Kate is chic, she is smart, she is poised but noble blood does not run through her veins. William's father was not allowed to marry such a person the first time round (that worked well) and his Great-Uncle had to abdicate the throne because he insisted on marrying such a person.

Maybe the well mannered America mother is excited to read about the ring, the dress and the guest list for the next 8 months as she is waiting to exit the supermarket.  Or maybe there is something deeper going on here.  Maybe the well mannered modern mother is truly excited to see that, just like in America, one's past does not define one's future.  Viva la Revolution!

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Alex Dumortier, CFA said...

I can get onboard with everything written here... except describing William as 'hip' -- that glove most definitely does not fit the hand.

EHP said...

Well, yes, you might be right. Perhaps the term "hip" is a stretch, even if it's used in the relative sense - as in, relative to all his relatives, he is hip.

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