Sexy Mamas

"Yesterday, in the kitchen, he couldn't keep his hands off me!"
"He woke me up twice last night -- just tearing my clothes off!"
"Now that  both kids are in school all day ..."

Our sources in the field (playgrounds, carpool lines, sports sidelines, that is) tell us that talking about one's steamy marital sex life is not limited to writer Ayelet Waldman and her revealing 2005 essay. We've heard tales of mothers disclosing all manner of hot, hot marital trysts to any number of peers and contemporaries.

What could be behind such racy talk? Emulation of celebrities? Talk show culture? Could it be the desire to  advertise oneself as fun, spontaneous and sexy? To show oneself to be still desirable, though entering middle age?

If a man is driven to distraction by the vision of his wife wiping down kitchen counters in her khaki capri pants, good for him. Just please don't make us think about it! No one wants to imagine the erotic secrets of the modern mother's bedroom (or kitchen, or basement, etc.) Those secrets are her husband's and hers alone -- their very own crazy sexy secret. Trust us, it will be much better that way for everyone.


Anonymous said...

Seriously, hit the mark here.
While I'm glad for them, I really don't need to know that my friends are keeping the spark alive or doing the nasty in the garage because their husband couldn't wait (WTF?! For real!) On a more serious note, it's totally insensitive to others marital woes, health woes (cancer side effects etc! Come on people!) etc that they really don't want to reciprocate with their own overshare.

Another gripe. Unrelated but just as insensitive; pretty baby contests. Don't spam FB people whose kids have congenital cosmetic issues! :(

Elizabeth Hammond Pyle said...

Thanks for such a thoughtful comment. You gave a better rationale for why discretion is important than I did!

Anonymous said...

Wholeheartedly Agree! TMI*, People!
* Too Much Information

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