Back To School Jitters

No doubt many a well mannered modern mother has faced the back to school jitters.  A new kindergartner, a nervous third grader, a tween starting middle school, prehaps even someone going off to college.  Yet, in one way these are the easy jitters.  The ones the well mannered mother herself remembers; the ones to which she can relate and respond in comforting and credible ways.  And if she can't there is always the internet.  A quick google of the words 'back to school jitters' yields numerous strategies for helping your progeny to cope with the stress of it all. 

But what about the mannerly mother herself?  What about her own personal jitters?  Is she smiling beneath the tears - secretly rejoycing to 'have her house back' or just glad that her work-life juggle will be a bit easier with everyone back in school?  Or is this next chapter calling into question her own place in the world?  Now that her children are is school all day - what should she do?  Get a "real" job?  Ramp up the volunteering?  Train for a marathon?  Take up tennis? Put the last 8 years of photos into albums?  Sort the toys in the basement?  Quit her job, fire the nanny and learn how to become a lady who lunches?  To some, no doubt, the possibilities are endless.  To others it's just another lap around the gilded cage.

So good luck getting your little ones off on their first day and good luck figuring it all out yourself.  Once you do, please drop us an email - we'd love to know how you did it.

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Maybe she should start a blog.

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