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From time to time the well mannered mother may find herself driving a car much larger than she ever wanted to own, full of yelling children, a few of whom are hers, to an activity in which she has zero personal interest. In the immortal words of The Talking Heads, "Well, how did I get here?" It might also happen that her not so well mannered daughter in the back row is terrorizing her son who is screaming like a Banshee in the second row while their respective friends look on in delight. It might even be that there is another mother in the passenger seat who is probably thinking something like "Did she say she writes a blog about manners? Oh my, how ironic." But the well mannered mother drives on knowing that some day her children will be safely deposited at any wonderful boarding school that will take them. At that point she will miss these hectic times as she scoots around town in her Mini Cooper, alone with her thoughts and her music. Yeah right.

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Anonymous said...

This is me! I think the Talking Heads plays in the background of my mind all the time, especially when driving my kids around.

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