Friday Frivolity: Judging Books by their Covers

We've been thinking and writing a lot about books this summer, perhaps because we've been influenced by our friend Kate at book nook or perhaps we've happily had more leisure for reading during the these summer months.

Either way, thanks to Brain, Child magazine on facebook, we've found another fun and book related item to share with you: Judging a Book by its Cover: A Six Year Old Guesses what classic novels are all about, from Babble. Some of her guesses are comical; others are astute; and the whole post is a fun read. 

Here's to lots of reading this weekend, that is, if you don't find yourself too busy watching Olympic Badminton, Canoe Slalom, or Rythmic Gymnastics.

* image of girl reading from, image of olympic flag in London from The Telegraph

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Kate said...

That is so precious! I think my favorite was her impression of 50 Shades. Thank you for the link to my blog!

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