Friday Frivolity: Everybody loves a lemonade stand

Earlier this week, as temperatures hovered in the 90’s, my children started a lemonade stand, papering the neighborhood with flyers, chatting with customers, selling just enough lemonade to feel successful and most gratifyingly, working cooperatively and independently. This got me thinking about lemonade stands and what exactly makes them so appealing, fun, and universally loved.

Sadly, my quick google search did not come even close to answering those questions, but it did reveal that: (1) my children were unwittingly participating in a dubious political movement; (2) propping lemonade stands may be more popular than actual lemonade stands; and (3) if I were to someday help my children make a super-cute crafty lemonade stand, I could only hope it would be as adorable and apparently fun to make as this one, posted by Rachel on Accessorize and Organize.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!

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