Friday Frivolity: Typin' it, Old School

According to this Slate article, many of us have been typing wrong. This typing error transcends social class and education level, and it might even, dare we suggest, affect some of our dear readers and an author (or two) here at Manners for Modern Mothers.

Thankfully, it has nothing to do with IQ or fine motor skills. This typing mistake is a matter of what comes after the period at the end of each sentence.  Or rather, sentence. Please read and tell us what you think. Are some of us typing "wrong" or are we just typing "old school" style? 

*image of, and information about this typewriter available here.


Deb said...

I learned to double space after a period, always. Not a fan of the single space post period.

kayce hughes said...

This girl double spaces. Given my horrific spelling spaces are the least of my worries.

Anonymous said...

Just don't think its a big deal, but found it interesting that the author was so incensed about spaces.

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