Don't Wish it Away

A modern mother can be forgiven for looking forward to the day when her children can cook their own dinners, do their own laundry, fill out their own medical and registration forms. She might understandably like to imagine her youngest brushing his own teeth, taking a shower on his own, or sleeping past 7 in the morning.

But then she remembers: don’t wish it away!  It will all be gone in the blink of an eye: the chubby arms wrapped around her neck, the furious coloring of a kindergartener, the lanky 10 year old draped across a chair, reading.

With luck, she will be left with mostly happy memories and a few young adults in her life whom she can truly appreciate and enjoy.  Or so reading this Anna Quindlen essay can lead her to imagine.  And, what happy imaginings they are.

* Dandelion image by Susannah Tucker Photography. Dandelion and many more of her lovely photographs are available at her Etsy store

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Kate said...

loved that essay. sniffle, sniffle, where are the kleenex?

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