Home Alone

The snow has melted, the trains and planes are running again, school is back in session and the well mannered modern mother has at last either returned home or gotten her home back.  The blizzard of December 2010 will surely be remembered as the holiday that wouldn't stop.   Whether one's family was stranded away from home at Granny's or hosting relations with no knowing when they would be getting out of your hair - one might have felt a bit of a strain.

 How might the mannerly modern mother best deal with  extended guests?  What dear reader, did you do?  Does the hostess-with-the-mostess who has been flawless for 4 days straight break down in tears as her in-laws get off the phone with the airline?  Or can she hold it all together for a few more days?  Does the facade of the perfectly executed visit dissolve into pizza, red table wine and free movies passes for everyone?  And would that really be so bad if it did?  Because maybe if this snafu teaches the well mannered modern mother anything it is that things don't have to be spectacular and well organized.  Maybe (just maybe) the best time of all is some unscheduled time devoid of holiday pressure and expectations.

Nonetheless, to most modern mothers it still probably feels nice to be home.  Alone.

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Anonymous said...

Amen sista! 17 days & Lots of wine...xoNif

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