Can old dogs can learn new texts?

There are times in a mother’s life where she recognizes that she has fully traversed the great divide. As an urban, stroller-pushing mother of a baby and/or toddler, it might have been easy to deny, but sooner or later, the modern mother will have to confront the fact that she has crossed completely to the other side; she has become one of “them” – the middle aged, the mini-van drivers, the parents.

For some, a 40th birthday might invite reflection on how her life has changed. For others it might be happily going to bed before midnight on New Year’s Eve, stone cold sober.  And for this particular modern mother, it might be the moment when she realizes she has been perusing the website, When Parents Text for pointers. No, she is not there to laugh at the expense of an anonymous college student’s anonymous parents. (O.K., some are really funny.) She is there to discover what NOT to do when texting with babysitters, or nieces and nephews, or her child’s guitar teacher. Could she pull off an LOL? Or sign off with G2G? Will she need to throw in a POS when the in-laws visit?  The last thing she needs is a MIL involved.

She may have graduated from college when email was a novelty, but she can master new tricks. Convincingly. To preserve her dignity, she might want to steer clear of “c u l8ter” and just stick with sprinkling in a few emoticons. On second thought, scratch the emoticons too :( After all, her goal here is to retain some small smidgen of self respect. Maybe better to just text like it's an email; who is she kidding anyway? Besides, some of the posts on When Parents Text are really funny:

Chain Message pt. 2

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