A (Homework) Room of One's Own?... Maybe Not.

The “latest” parenting research can often just be a huge guilt trip, but other times, it can provide welcome support for the status quo.

A recent New York Times article, “Forget What You know About Good Study Habits” may fall into the latter category for many a modern mother. It may provide some peace of mind for all those mothers struggling to “clear a consistent, quiet homework workspace” in a boisterous house, or a mother feeling inadequate because she is unable to fit “quiet consistent homework time” into a hectic schedule.

The article reports on recent studies showing that shaking things up, moving study spaces, studying in several short sessions about may actually improve academic performance. Go figure. And, go ahead, encourage your child to practice those spelling words in the car on the way to gymnastics, to fill out math worksheets at the kitchen table, and lie on the floor while completing vocabulary exercises. For once, not being the organized mother might actually have some benefits.  


Elizabeth Hammond Pyle said...

More on research about learning styles here, at Mommy Myth Busters:


kayce hughes said...

This momma needs that kind of encouragement!

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