Winter weather fun

As temperatures hovered in the teens last week, we weren't thinking about manners much and we weren't posting either. We were just trying to figure out how to weather the wearying cold.

As an adopted New Englander, I've learned to embrace the family ski trips and pond skating but when I first saw this ice orb project on pinterest, I knew I had found something that could make me really love cold weather.

I was more excited than my children as we filled balloons with water and food coloring. And the thrill of peeling off the balloon was well worth the wait, not to mention the risk of color-stained gloves.
And now the roads are steaming and the snow is melting along with those ice orbs. Feeling sad to see the weather warm up, I know I have truly become a yankee. Now I'm just waiting for the weather to drop below freezing again so we can try ice bubbles.

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EBB said...

Zibby, Those are fabulous!

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