Weekend Happiness

As the dust settles from a whirlwind of soccer, epic playmobil battles, Sunday school, and failed attempts to purchase a shelving system for the heap of sports equipment in our basement, I was relived to find myself sitting in a quiet house this Monday morning. As much as I love weekends for family time, I am also frequently stunned at the sheer exhaustion I feel on Sunday night. Not surprisingly, statistics suggest I am not alone: parents report less happiness on weekends than non-parents. Go figure. The good news is that we can all attempt to change this dynamic, and Dr. Christine Carter, of the Raising Happiness blog, offers 3 ways to make weekends happier in this post. Read it now, and start planning now for your new, relaxed weekends. Oh, and maybe you’ll also want to cross your fingers for rain cancellations for all those sports commitments, just for good measure.

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Kate said...

Thank you! Nothing makes me happier than a cancelled game or practice. We are people who like downtime.

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