Skirts, not just for tennis anymore

Some love them. Some hate them. And some are still scratching their heads about this perplexing article of clothing – the running skirt. Can one be a ‘serious’ runner and athlete wearing something intentionally cute?

Admittedly, I initially found the running skirt to be silly, despite my low athletic ambition. The skirts just seemed so... cute-sy… until I tried one. I loved it walking my kids to school; I loved it while I was rolling the trash bins to the curb; I loved it stopping by the supermarket; and most importantly I loved it running. So cute. So comfortable. So functional. So presentable.

Yes, that’s the best part: the modern mother in a running skirt can go for a run and then hold her head high as she rushes about her errands with out the risk of looking like she’s wearing a swim suit, undergarments or even the dreaded spandex.

So, in celebration of this brilliant invention and just in time for our Friday Frivolity, we bring you this short history of running skirts, from Runner’s World. Have a wonderful weekend!

*runner in running skirt photo from Title Nine 
* racing in running skirt via Runner's World


Kate said...

I've been wearing them for years and LOVE them. My first purchase was from Skirt Sports in Boulder, CO. Nicole DeBoom, President, is amazing and exemplifies what it means to be a strong, but feminine, athlete. Latest favorite is a gift from my SIL purchased at Lululemon. It feels like silk and has cute pleats in the rear which truly add some bounce to my step.

EHP said...

Kate, so glad you are a fan, espeicially since I think of you as a more "serious" athlete.

Alex Dumortier said...

Gentlemen appreciate them, too -- to look at, that is. I think it's a an example of high performance athletic wear that also happens to be rather elegant; unfortunately, you can't say the same for all sportswear.

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