Friday Frivolity

What could make your abode more mannerly than the upcoming Special Edition of Domino Magazine our friends over at Kelly Green Interiors mentioned the other day?  It is due on news stands April 17th. 

To the extent that looking better means feeling better the girls over at What2WearWhen are busy Demystifying Personal Shopping for us all.  Meanwhile Allison at Daily Outfit gets right to the heart of the matter with her piece What Does Your Lingereie Say For You?

Friend Sona sent us this chuckle earlier in the week and frankly we just can't stop laughing every time we look at it.

Of course, the French vs. non-French parenting debate rages on with our favorite rebuttal being Why 70s parents are Better than French Parents a la the Huffington Post.  Should you wish to bypass any debate may we recommend this clever video How to Fake French.

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Merci, bon week-end!

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