A Thank You and a Year End Review

On this final day of 2011, we would first like to thank our faithful readers; Thank you, thank you, thank you, for continuing to visit our blog, leaving comments, and inspiring us with ideas, queries and quandaries. Second, we would like to indulge in some year-end reflection and review, with this month-by-month list of some of the most popular posts of 2011.

In January, we started the year wondering, Will 2011 be the Year of the Tiger Mother?

February brought on musings about grammar with The "I"s have it.

In March, we took on the term MILF in Here's to You, Mrs. Robinson.

In April, we discussed friendship in the digital age with, Friend, or Facebook Friend?

In May, we asked you all to consider Letting your child make the call.

By June, we had moved on to proposing revolution in So crazy, it just might work.

July was a good month for royal watching, so we pondered The Princess and the Pantyhose.

In August, we were blissfully sacked out in hammocks, drinking Mai Tais. Just kidding. We were really shaking the sand out of towels, slathering sunscreen on small bodies and otherwise trying to keep our children busy.

In September, we pondered The Meaning in the Missoni.

October is a serious month, so we asked, Is Academic Redshirting the Last Conversational Taboo? 

In November we enjoyed the frivolity of 11/11/11.

In December, the hand's down most popular post was this (tongue-in-cheek) Last Minute Gift Idea.

So there you have it: that's what been on our minds this year. Thank you for thinking it through with us and hope you'll come back in 2012: Who knows what we'll have to ponder! Happy New Year to all!

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