Happy Turkeys

Dear readers, please excuse our brief hiatus.  We have been up to our elbows in paper mache.  Being neither crafty like Machiavelli nor crafty like Martha Stewart, one wonders what we could possibly have been thinking when we concocted the half-baked, life-size,  paper mache turkey centerpiece scheme in the first place.

Though in truth, this modern mother knows what she was thinking.  She was thinking "Do I really need to spend more than I am paying for my actual turkey at that fancy pants florists for some minimalist centerpiece involving about 9 stems when the children could make something wonderful for next to nothing?"  

So here we are three days and unimaginable effort, home made paste crises, cajoling, tempera paint showers and of course fun (?) later.  

After this "teachable experience," today's real turkey and 26 accompanying guests should be a cake walk. 

Hope we didn't just jinx ourselves with that last thought.

Happy Thanksgiving to all,

Elizabeth & Elizabeth 

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kayce hughes said...

Happy Thanksgiving! I made a 5ft tall snow man last year so I can totally relate to the process being a lot more than I remember from grade school.

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