Friday Frivolity - Kate the Great

Have you seen this site?  What Kate Wore is a website that chronicles the wardrobe of the Dutchess of Cambridge (nee Kate Middleton).  What do we love about this site?  In the first place it's tons of fashion fun.  Most of her looks are relatively reasonable and accessible.  Secondly, Kate is able to look youthful and attractive and appropriate all at the same time - no small feat in these days of hooker-starlet-chic and jeggings.  Thirdly, the economic impact she is having on the fashion industry is fascinating.  So thank you WhatKateWore and thank you Kate for being a stylish, modern icon.

picture courtesy of whatkatewore


Alex Dumortier said...

Wasn't familiar with jeggings. Thankfully, no-one I knows wears them -- they are dreadful!

kayce hughes said...

I am heading right over!

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