Royal Wedding Tea Party Mania!

In an effort to keep unemployed suburban mothers off the streets on April 29th, the day that Prince William will marry Kate Middleton, Royal Wedding Tea Parties are cropping up around the world.  Should you wish to host your own royal tea or simply enjoy a bit of telly with a cuppa may we suggest the following.  Step 1, send the husband off with a quick kiss and  hurry the kids out the door.  Step 2, start brewing the official wedding tea.  Step 3, get out the scones, clotted cream and cucumber sandwiches.  Step 4, put on ridiculous over-sized hat (think Four Weddings and a Funeral) and voila!   However, to be fully prepared for the big day, the modern mother should be aware of all her viewing options and naturally do as much research as possible. The good news is, no matter what time of day or night you are reading this we guarantee there is a program on at this very minute devoted to some aspect of, or relation to, this wedding.    Anything else you might ever need to know can be found on the Official Royal Wedding web site.  Finally, if you are not one of the 12 million people who has already viewed the T-Mobile Wedding Video - enjoy! 

photo courtesy of Mirror


Kate said...

Did you throw such a shin dig? We missed every last drop of it since we were on vacation.

EBB said...

We did not host but both EPH and I were lucky to be invited to such fetes! Thank for reading, hope it was a nice vacation. EBB

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