Isn't Life Sweet?

Does the use of an expensive vacuum siphon coffee making machine make one superior?  Does importing custom cabinet knobs make one a connoisseur? Does purchasing 78 varieties of scotch, or rum, or vodka make one an expert? An authority? A taste-maker? 

Perhaps we all know someone who would answer yes to these questions. Doubtless, our readers know better. The world is a big place and we are lucky to live here and now where choices are endless. One can readily purchase lemon grass, truffle oil, and free trade organic chocolate (85% cacao, or course) at the supermarket, sushi on every street corner, and 200 varieties of mircobrew beer at the local liquor store.  

Yes, most of our lives are sweet. Our world is filled with variety and luxuries, large and small, but partaking in those luxuries just makes us lucky, not superior.  


Kate said...

Excellent point. The way I consume expensive bath products (salts, bubbles, soap, etc), I feel like I could pass myself off as connoisseur, but it just really makes me a girl who loves to take baths and smell good!

Elizabeth Hammond Pyle said...

While maybe you should feel superior about smelling better than the rest of us, its nice that you don't.

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