Etipedia - here at last!

True etiquette devotees across the land have something new about which to rejoice. If you, Dear Reader,  read this blog because you have an interest in the mannerly conduct of mothers and not just because you are our friends or family, this exciting NEW product is for YOU.  The Emily Post Institute, that bastion of propriety and decorum that has managed to monetize the writings of Emily Post for the better part of a century, has just relaunched its website with the added feature and benefit of Etipedia (Etiquette + Encyclopedia = Etipedia).  No more wandering over to the bookshelf, calling your mother or contemplating the answer to a delicate etiquette problem over a cup of coffee with a friend.  Right Now!  This very minute.  The answers to all your pressing and not so pressing etiquette questions await.  Go ahead:  click away.  Don't worry. You won't hurt our feelings.  After all, who ever heard of anyone being put out of business by a search engine?


Megan said...

Are you still going to be around??? This isn't some "You've Got Mail" situation, is it? :-{

Elizabeth Baxter Butcher said...

Megan, You are kind to liken us to The Shop Around the Corner. And it is true that like most good independent bookstores these days we are not exactly revenue positive. But luckily we are enjoying this and so far our investors are still willing to support the effort. Thanks for reading!

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