Am I Your Mother?

In addition to the many wonderful things about being a new mother there are also a few challenges even for the most well mannered of modern mothers.  One of those challenges can be, for some mothers, redefining her place in the world.  Instead of fabulous girl about town, elegant bride about town or poised and still trendy pregnant lady about town she has now become mother with screaming child about town in some exhausted state of her former self. 

So when the new mother manages to get herself and her recent offspring up and out to a doctor's appointment or any other remotely public setting, the VERY LAST THING IN THE ENTIRE WORLD that she needs is for a grown man to call her "Mom."  She may be pushing a stroller.  She may not have showered that day.  She may have one or more small children attached to her body.  She isn't his mother!  She is a once and future stylish, put-together and, dare we suggest, sexy lady.   And the very last thing she wants to hear from her pediatrician, barista or husband is "Here you go, Mom!"

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