Tie One on Today

Tie on a necktie, that is. May 4th is national tie a tie day, as recently proclaimed by Antwone Fisher, author of the recently published book, A Boy Should Know How to Tie a Tie: And Other Lessons for Succeeding in Life.

The authoresses at Manners of Modern Mothers would like to salute Mr. Fisher and all the intrepid mothers (and fathers) out there who work hard to convince their sons that "handsome clothes" are really not that bad, endeavor to teach their sons to tie their own ties, and continue to strive towards civilizing their offspring.

More kudos to those mothers who manage to consistently have blazers, ties, dress pants, button-down shirts, and dress shoes, all of the approximate right size, and all clean, pressed, and waiting in the their sons' closets.



As the mother of three boys who constantly outgrow their clothes, I am hard pressed to have dress clothes that fit, try as I might.

I would also like to lobby for a Wipe The Toilet Seat day and have it considered for a future edition of Mr. Fisher's book. It, too, is a valuable life lesson that will be important in any future relationships boys have with the opposite sex.

Elizabeth Hammond Pyle said...

So true! Or maybe just: don't forget to but the seat down. I have a mother in law who managed to teach her own 3 boys good bathroom etiquette, not quite sure what her secret was.

Anonymous said...

How about Not Everyone Needs to Wear a Baseball Cap day?

Pleated Jeans said...

Boy, did I ever loathe that dressy portion of my childhood closet. Kudos, indeed, to the parents who can get their kids into anything with a collar.

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