The truth about the tooth fairy

We all know the parents who feel the need to disabuse their children of the existence of this childhood staple. For those who do, it is the perfect opportunity to teach children to practice discretion. One should impress upon the darlings not to spoil what others consider fun, by loudly declaring, “There’s no such thing at the tooth fairy!” to the entire 1st grade class. Such behavior will not only rob the child’s classmates of a family ritual, it will also irritate other parents when word leaks out that a spoiler is on the loose. Should you be present when your own child informs a friend of the tooth fairy's actual status, you may laugh nonchalantly and whisk her away for a private conversation. Should someone else’s child ask you about the tooth fairy's existence, you can always employ a deflective question, such as “Is that what your mother tells you?” Same goes for Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, the Great Pumpkin, etc.

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