Interruptis Totalus

Photo by Doug Mills/New York Times

 After last night's debate (a word that is too civilized to be applied to the sound-bite-ridden, accusation and interruption fest we saw) the well mannered modern mother may be forgiven for not wanting anything to do with either presidential candidate.  Or she might be thinking "If I want to see people being uncouth, impolite and accusatory I'll just watch Jersey Shore thank you very much." 

While we are aware that many supporters wanted the candidates to be "more aggressive" in this second debate - apparently last week's Vice Presidential talk-over, face-contortion event wasn't enough for the truly argumentative - we can't help but think both presidential candidates came off looking rude, belligerent and undignified.

 Given how one must (apparently) behave and the things he/she must do to be elected to the office, is it any wonder so few people want the job?


Anonymous said...

Exactly what I was feeling last night. It was like watching my children or my sister in law at their finest moments!

Anonymous said...

To put a twist on your last question--If this is how one must behave and the things one must do to be elected to office--what does this say about who is willing and/or WANTS to do it??

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