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A well turned out friend recently mentioned the term "statement bag" to me.  She was talking about some advice she gave a lady who had been asked to do some substantial fundraising for a worthy cause.  My friend suggested that the lady invest in a couple of business chic outfits and a "statement bag."

Rosalie by Jimmy Choo $3,995

This struck me as interesting in a few ways.

First, although I usually have a general sense of what's going on, I had never heard of a statement bag.   A snappy search on the Google revealed that a statement bag is the new It Bag.  This term strikes me as just a little ridiculous in the sense that, what statement exactly is your bag making?  A couple that come to mind are:  "I am so loaded, I think it makes great sense to carry my wallet and lipstick around in a bag that cost more than your mortgage"  or "I wouldn't want anyone to think that my boho top and ripped jeans were really from the Good Will so I'll just stick a $3,000 bag on my arm to be sure you know who you're dealing with."

Second, and I believe my friend is correct, isn't it funny that large donors would be more inclined to make a gift to a charity when approached by an affluent looking woman than by those benefiting from their donation?  Is this because people have a harder time saying no to "one of their own"?  Or is it that being well dressed opens doors and purses?

Finally, with global meat consumption at an all time high, shouldn't the cost of leather be declining?   Yet, despite the sub-prime mortgage debacle, Euro crisis and ongoing global recession these bags continue to go up, up, up in price.  Of course luxury brands argue that it is the hand crafting by their skilled European artisans that make these bags so valuable expensive.  However, these claims are sometimes discredited by journalists visiting factories in China who have seen these luxury bags being put together by women making about $100 per week.

The statement of all statements The Birkin by Hermes. If you have to ask...

Now, much like religion, I believe if it helps someone get through their day and isn't hurting anyone else,  by all means embrace the new statement bags.  Perhaps like bangles or guard rings some fancy folks may even begin stacking them before long.  To find the right bag and statement for you, you might want to begin here.  If your caviar taste does not mesh with your tuna fish budget you could try renting a statement bag at the Netflix of handbags Bag Borrow or Steel.


Alex Dumortier said...

There is really only one statement bag -- the Kelly bag. The rest are "unattributed quote bags".

Kate said...

The only statement my shabby Orla Kieley bag of 7 years makes is that I spend my discretionary income on summer camps, orthodontia, pediatrician co-pays and wine to muddle through all the joys of motherhood.

EBB said...

Alex, Well said and I am not at all surprised you are an aficionado of all things Grace Kelly. Kate, we're with you - especially on the wine. Thanks for reading!

Sona said...

I think a statement bag, handcrafted in France or Italy, is an investment much like a fine furniture, a luxury car or a vacation home. It's quality that appreciates if you care for it. Peruse the vintage Hermes, Chanel, Prada, Gucci, etc handbags on eBay and you will see that they hold their value and then some. Chinese factories do an excellent job of handbag making but they do not yet produce statement bags in the European crafting tradition. I can attest to this as a former accessories designer who has worked with many Chinese factories.

Also, on a different point I should clarify and explain further. These well heeled women who my friend is courting for donations have children who are special needs and receive services from the program. I believe that if my friend, who is a board member and fellow parent, is well dressed for events she will convey that she and the program are for quality and that the program is a worthwhile investment.

Anonymous said...

ok mrs. butcher. not letting you in my closet...i'm afraid of the tongue tutting....i think you know who this is.

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