Friday Lunch Box Revolution

 Happy New Year.  We hope you holidays were joyous and you are happily settling back into your routine.  One aspect of this modern mother's routine that causes her more angst than it should is school lunch.   This is because she wishes to send her minions off each day with  a healthy/balanced/nutritious mid-day meal.  She is hampered in this pursuit by time, the spacial confines of lunch boxes and her own lack of creativity at 7:20 a.m.  Or so she thought.   Then her friend Jane sent her the PRI link The Art of Making Lunch Boxes in Japan.

 She now realizes she has been looking at lunch all wrong.  This is not a problem but an opportunity.  Like scrapbooking with food.  Really, what on earth is keeping her from constructing a 6 colored lunch that looks like Hello Kitty or a Piano?  Nothing but her own inertia.  This revelation lead her to YouTube where she discovered this video How to Make Bento Lunch Boxes.

 So now she knows. And her wooly winter hat goes off to these creative and dedicated lunch packers. 

Should her octopus shaped mini sausages not turn out or her bunny ear apple fall to pieces before it reaches school she has also come across the following sites which might prove helpful in the pursuit of lunch. 

My Meal Box

Lunch in a Box - Bento Resources

School Family Lunches - Healthy Kid Lunches

Family Fun - back to School Lunches

LapTop Lunches

Parenting - Lunches

If you want to read more about the ancient and trendy (everyone in Brooklyn is doing it) art of Bento follow this New York Times link.  Happy Lunching!

Photos from The kitchn, Women's Day and My Meal Box.


New Lisa said...

I would buy some of those Hostess Snowballs and add some frosting eyes and consider it done. My kids would probably not eat a ball of rice and it would just end up in the dog food dish anyway. They would, however, devour a Hostess "food product".

New Lisa said...

I am, of course, kidding. My kids prefer my baking over Hostess. But they wouldn't eat a ball of rice. They prefer fake peanut butter and real jelly sandwiches (with the crusts cut off) (and one wants his sandwich cut in triangles, one in rectangles and one uncut). School lunches are way to complicated. Really.

Kate said...

oh my gosh, those bento boxes are so precious! So Japanese. I liked all your lunch links. I looked at the parenting link and saw the "salad on a stick" idea. My daughter would love a skewer with an olive, tomato, and feta, but you know what my 8 year old boy would do with that? Turn someone into a Cyclops. I bet that skewer would be confiscated :-)

EBB said...

Thanks, Kate. Please let us know how it goes. New Lisa, our take on Bento is that it can be all things to all people. Far be it from us here at M4MM to be judgmental. Happy Boxing!

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