Friday Frivolity: The Princess and the Pantyhose

So, maybe Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge (nee Kate Middleton), is technically a duchess, but if People magazine is to be believed, the wife of Prince William is currently responsible for a remarkable resurgence in sales of the 70’s and 80’s staple, nude pantyhose. In photos of her recent tour of North America, the duchess can be seen in a variety of fashion forward dresses, skirts, and yes, sheer stockings. Amused? Intrigued? Want to know more? Then, we recommend The Great Pantyhose Debate on What Kate Wore, or Can Kate Middleton Bring Back Pantyhose? on Jezebel. Just don't blame us if you find yourself, in a fit of nostalgia, running out to buy a package of L'eggs.

* image of K.M. from People
* image of L'eggs from Favorite Brands of the Boomer Generation. (who knew L'eggs would make the list??) 


Jennifer said...

There's an article in last month's Bazaar, written by Rita Wilson, about attire for meeting the Queen (which she did at the State occasion during Obama's visit to GB). In the article, she said that 'pantyhose were required', and panicked because she didn't own one pair. Apparently, it's royal protocol on some occasions. Good to know! :-)

New Lisa said...

My mom will be so thrilled. She cannot stand women in dresses with bare legs - and worse, wearing "thongs" (no matter how many times I tell her thongs are underwear and flip flops are shoes, she still calls them thongs).

EHP said...

Jennifer -- love the pantyhose trivia.. I think there's also a story about Princess Di going without and shocking the world.

New Lisa -- still laughing about the thongs

Anonymous said...

all women should wear pantyhose.They are so much better looking than bare legs. Thank god for kate..its amazing what she is doing....Please bring back Pantyhose!!

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