Thanksgiving Thoughts for the Modern Mother

Happy Thanksgiving to our well mannered friends and readers!

For those of you who will be cooking tomorrow, we can only assume that you in the process of determining your recipes, unearthing your china or crystal, polishing the silver, amassing various ingredients, and mapping out the cooking sequence. For this, we leave you in the capable hands of epicurious, Cook's Illustrated, Streaming Gourmet, or whatever your go-to source for cooking tips, instructions, inspiration. We would be amazed if you have time to check in on our blog today and so wish you poise and strength in the face of in-laws, longer than expected roast times, and other people's grumbling and sometimes less-than-thankful children.

For those of you attending a Thanksgiving Dinner you might want to arrive with a quirky card as well as some flowers and a bottle of something strong to make up for those cards and your own potentially naughty children.

Whatever your plans, we hope you can take a moment to laugh at some of the decidedly unconventional  Thanksgiving cards available at Enjoy!

* reader discretion advised for some of the user-generated content on (not those pictured here), which might not always display the high standards, discretion, and subtlety or our readership.  

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Kate said...

those are funny! i let my brother take over the cooking this year and just hit the wine hard!

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